Photo by    Mikayla Perks

Photo by Mikayla Perks

just a little ray of sunshine

I’m Alyssa and I’m an illustrator currently living and working in good ol’ landlocked Kansas City, MO. Originally from sunny Miami, Florida, I spent 4 years in Savannah, Georgia where I earned a BFA in Illustration from SCAD in 2017.

By daylight I now work as a graphic designer at Hallmark Cards. At 5 I head home where I freelance by desklight in my little “studio” (the desk in the corner of my room) until it’s time to sleep. Some of my clients include Rockridge Press, Bravery Magazine, Spinning Arrow Publishers, and the Boston Globe.

I am represented for freelance illustration by Illozoo. You can contact Pamela Kosin if you are interested in hiring me for your project. If you have a smaller collaboration in mind or just want to say hello (or hola), feel free to email me here!